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Re: [e4-dev] Declarative UI in E4


David Orme wrote:
*Thing #1:)*

My understanding is that our status is that Hallvard's code is making its way through the IP Review process and onto the E4 server.

The teaching semester has just started (I'm teaching an introductory course on Java for 400+ students), and that have slowed down the process. But I will work on it later this week.

1) Hallvard's proposal is an XML layer on top of an EMF model that is connected to the UI.

My proposal is just an EMF model, similar to Wazaabi's. There's no XML there, besides as EMF's serialization.

2) Yyves's proposal is to map XAML 1:1 to the SWT API. He calls the resulting API XWT.

Here's what I was wondering: *Yyves, would it be possible/desirable to make XWT map 1:1 to Hallvard's EMF model rather than straight to SWT? This seems like it might be a sensible approach to unifying both proposals.*

I guess it depends on whether the mapping is to SWT is driven by reflection, like XSWT's. If that is the case, he has complete coverage of SWT, which my model hasn't.

*Thing #2:)*

In any case, *I want to make sure that whatever we do does not preclude Glimmer-like things in alternate JVM languages, whether JRuby, Scala, JavaScript, etc.*

I will also contribute Javascript support for EMF, which should make it easy to script UI objects. I've extended it with dependency tracking, to support re-evaluating expressions when their value changes. This should support databinding.


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