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Re: [e4-dev] Declarative UI in E4




2009/1/27 Boris Bokowski <Boris_Bokowski@xxxxxxxxxx>

Dave Orme wrote on 01/27/2009 03:03:33 PM:

> ...
> Here's what I was wondering:  Yves, would it be possible/desirable

> to make XWT map 1:1 to Hallvard's EMF model rather than straight to
> SWT?  This seems like it might be a sensible approach to unifying
> both proposals.

Wouldn't it be even better if there was a 1:1:1 mapping between an XML representation, an EMF model, and SWT widgets? This would satisfy people who don't want to have double the number of objects at runtime, but also enable all the cool things you can do with EMF at development time with respect to tools that operate on EMF objects.

Dave Carver offered help producing a schema for XWT so that we could generate an EMF model for it. See also the bug opened by Dave:


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