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[e4-dev] What *are* we doing here??? <g>

Awhile back we put together a few paragraphs describing what E4 is about from a (dirty) marketing point of view.  Beware: if you read onward, you might need to take a bath. ;-)

Seriously though, what occurred to me last night is that E4 is really about two themes:

1) Eclipse has always been about providing great infrastructure.  SWT gives us great infrastructure horizontally across operating system platforms.  eSWT, eRCP, however, broaden Eclipse vertically down into the embedded space.  E4 is about moving Eclipse up in the vertical space so that it can also be a platform for cloud-based applications.  After E4, we will cover all major desktop and server operating systems horizontally and the embedded through cloud space vertically.  The enabling technologies here are Equinox, RAP, and [[the second E4 theme]] which is:

2) Code and architecture clean-up.  Singletons are (nearly) always evil, but especially so in a multi-user environment like RAP.  Resources can be anywhere.  Declarative UIs are nice.  Etc...  I won't re-hash any more of this here as we're all well-versed in it by now.

My Question:

Does this sound like a good way to describe and position E4?

OK, maybe that's a silly question to ask a bunch of engineers. ;-)

But does anyone think I'm missing anything important or glossing over something that I shouldn't be.


Dave Orme

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