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Re: Fw: [e4-dev] Some thoughts about Animations API

Thanks for the ideas. We haven't had much time to work on the Animation APIs
When we're back at it we'll definitely take your thoughts into consideration.


> 12/11/2008 05:39 PM
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> [e4-dev] Some thoughts about Animations API

> I have been trying to implement the animations API for eSWT (Nokia
> platforms) and I would like to share some thoughts about the API.
> It looks like the interpolators are in the very early stage and I
> could not really make up how they are planned to be used. I am
> assuming the interpolators are meant to be like the easings(
> I think it is necessary to have
> a set of common interpolations (or easings ) provided by the API.
> Perhaps, we can consider the ones from
> to be the set provided by the API
> (they are under BSD license). I think in most cases the readily
> provided interpolations will be used but it would be good to have the
> possibility to write your own as well.
> A missing piece is the transitions. It is not easily possible to
> create a UI that transitions from one state to another with the
> current API. For instance animating the transition of several widgets
> and or several properties when a Shell is maximized to a different
> state and restoring back requires a lot of coding with the current
> API. There is a need for an API that is capable of holding states and
> animating them when they are activated.
> On some minor notes. I could not really see any reason for the
> Animation class to be a concrete class. Also I am not sure if
> SequenceAnimation and ParalelAnimation is really needed perhaps they
> should only be style bits for CompositeAnimation.
> --
> Gorkem
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