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Re: [e4-dev] Demo?

David, I think it's a good idea.  Ideally we would have a steady stream of demos, blog posts, webinars to spread the word and get people interested.

Thinking forward, clearly we'll need to have some kind of new demos for EclipseCon and we should all be thinking of that now.  In the shorter term ... do you have anything in mind?

I like the N&N because presently I think there's a constant stream of work and if you're not hooked in it's hard to keep up.  Maybe this is what you're seeing too.  Normally we'd have them in conjunction with a milestone schedule, which implies milestone deliverables, which we haven't been good at organizing so far.

On the technical front I think we might be close in getting the CSS work back in enough shape that it could be part of a demo.


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[e4-dev] Demo?

I'm thinking there's been a lot of cool work done on E4.

What would be the appropriate time to put together a technology demonstration or at least a N&N and try to generate some additional interest in the wider Java community?

Good/bad idea?

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