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[e4-dev] Declarative UIs and EMF

Hi All,

As a contribution to this very interesting discussions about Declarative UIs, I would like to introduce my work: "Wazaabi 2.0" which is now available (in alpha) under EPL. The first (alpha) release is available (as Eclipse update site) at :

I did not open yet my SVN (essentially because there is some private projects and I need time to move it into a public place :-( ), but source code is included inside the plugins.
Therefor it is possible to observe how it works.

I will be happy to read your remarks/advices/criticisms.

I also wrote a document in my wiki where I explain how to create a first project using the plugin's wizard provided with.
I also explain how to modify widget models under Eclipse IDE.
the document could be find here : Please read first the known limitations & issues there is many of them :-( !!

I will also open a bugzilla to be able to track bugs.

In few words Wazaabi 2.0 is based on EMF metamodels, one is abstract and others are concrete. Wazaabi is also fully dynamic. Users changes are reflected into models & model modifications are also refreshed into the view. Nothing prevent us from having (dynamic too) facades for other UI metamodels (like XAML, XUL, ...).

At the moment only one concrete metamodel exists, but I started to write a new one for Nebula project widgets.
I am currently working on stylesheet and databinding.

I will be present next week in ESE, I will be happy to speak with whoever could be interested about it.


Olivier Moises

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