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Re: [e4-dev] Declarative UI


Tom Schindl wrote:

This indeed looks nice. Can you by chance show me the XAML for
TabFolder/CTabFolder there you need to deal with references to composite
because you pass them to CTabItem#setControl(), right?

TabFolder is an interesting case, since the SWT implementation is a bit different from what I would consider the natural model. In SWT the content of all the tabs are direct children of the TabFolder, and each TabItem references its content (usually a Composite) with a control property. In my (mental) model (the swtui.ecore file I sent in my last posting) a TabFolder instead contains Tabs which are containers that contain other Controls. In the ecore model, a Tab extends TitledComposite, to inherit both the ability to contain Controls and have a title. BTW, GroupBox (Group in SWT) is another TitledComposite.

This is the advantage of having a slightly more abstract model than SWT's: We can make it feel more natural, while ensuring that the mapping is easy to code.


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