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[dtp-pmc] New Data Tools Committer

Greetings Eclipse Data Tools PMC.

As you know, the Data Tools project has been low on resources for quite some time and we've learned recently that Konstantin, who is the only active committer, has to scale back his involvement in the project.

We do have a volunteer, Nick Boldt, who has stepped forward to take on responsibility to get the project into shape for participation in the Photon release. I believe that Nick is well-known to the community.

Under normal circumstances, we should run an election to get Nick into a committer role. However, I believe that we can reasonably assert that the Eclipse Data Tools project is in an exceptional state and--per the authority granted to the project leadership chain in section 4.6 of the Eclipse Development Process--I have just inserted him into the project.

When we address the restructuring of Data Tools, we'll sort out which committers should be retired.


Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects
The Eclipse Foundation

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