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[dtp-pmc] Petition to include bug 286611 in DTP 1.7.1 RC3

        I'd like to ask for PMC's approval to check in the fix for 286611. The patch for this bug fixed the following problems:
1. Supported customize the display format of specific data type. This one is to
fix 243775 "Oracle timestamp not displayed".

2. Fixed a regression about breakpoint produced in the UI/NON-UI refecatoring.

3. Fixed a SchemaObjectEditor defect of missing cheatshet link and mutex of
multiple thread refresh.

4. Fixed routine code fetching error in

5. Fixed ClassCastException when change the value of Max row count and Max
display row count for 287059.

6. Fixed a result display bug caused by swithcing active result items when
executing a long sql statement.

7. Fixed elapsed time defect when run procedure or function indirectly.

8. When handle a schema object editor after refresh, there was a NPE.

So actually this is a bundled bug fixing. The risk is low to medium, and it has been reviewed by our internal engineers. Thanks.

Best Regards!

Max (Hui) Cao
Sybase Shanghai RD

----- Forwarded by Hui Cao/SYBASE on 09/01/2009 04:52 PM -----

09/01/2009 04:42 PM

[Bug 286611] SQL tools need upadate
Product/Component: Data Tools / SQLDevTools

--- Comment #5 from Joe Wu <juewu@xxxxxxxxxx> 2009-09-01 04:36:45 EDT ---
Created an attachment (id=146165)
delta patch

When handle a schema object editor after refresh, there was a NPE.

Reproducing Step:
1. Connect to a CP.
2. Open a Table, Stored Procedure or other schema object with Schema Object
3. Refresh it.
4. Do any operation with the opened schema object editor.

after step4, there was an NullPointerException.

I fixed it in this delta patch.

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