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[dtp-pmc] Petition to deliver changes for 275394, 272446, 273170 & 275118 in DTP 1.7RC1

        I'm petitioning for PMC's approval to deliver the fixes for these bugs in 1.7RC1 (sorry for the short notice):
275394: resultSetViewer broken in DTP 1.7 (
This is marked as critical and it's caused by a typo. Easy fix and low risk.

272446: Switch the plan type of Imported Execution Plan will got a NPE (
The NPE can be fixed by adding a check to see whether the profile name is null. low risk

273170: GroupPlanSupportRunnable will always set plan view as activate (
This is because the PlanRequest mode was hard coded. We should use mode from the given PlanRequest object to make this feature work. Low risk.

275118: Incorrect Stored Procedure/UDF parameter icon related to sybase db in eclipse3.5.0 (
The SybaseParameter element should be added to triggerPoints when contributing to navigatorContent extension point to make the correct icon show up. Low risk.

Thanks and Regards!

Max (Hui) Cao
Sybase Shanghai RD

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