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[dtp-dev] How to compile DTP from source?


I posted the question below on Stackoverflow, it was suggested that I post it here.

How to compile eclipse DTP?

I have checked out the master branches of the following git repositories:
  • [ git ] [ web ]
  • org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity [ git ] [ web ]
  • org.eclipse.datatools.modelbase [ git ] [ web ]
  • org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools [ git ] [ web ]

The first errors which show up are due to unresolved classes in the lpg.lpgjavaruntime.* packages. These errors occur in the following projects:

  • org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.parsers.sql
  • org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.parsers.sql.lexer

I can resolve the compilation errors by downloading the following jar file [ thirdparty\lpg.jar ] and adding the jar to the project. However the ...sql.lexer project still has the following error

Bundle 'net.sourceforge.lpg.lpgjavaruntime' cannot be resolved MANIFEST.MF /org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.parsers.sql.lexer/META-INF line 13 Plug-in Problem

So my question is, what is the standard approach for compiling Eclipse DTP?



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