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[dtp-dev] Corundum

I have updated DTP build to use the latest iteration of what was formerly known as “Sapphire Build System”. The build system has its own name now… Corundum.


What’s in the name? Corundum is a crystalline form of aluminum oxide. It’s used extensively as an abrasive to shape all manner of objects around us from rough to finished, rather like a build system shapes source code into a finished product. Corundum is colorless and transparent, but when impurities are present the crystal takes on a myriad of colors and we call the particularly noteworthy examples rubies and sapphires.


Perhaps the biggest visible difference from the previous version of build system used by DTP is the use of bundle pooling for all Eclipse instances created by the build, including dev eclipse and the various targets. This improves the build performance and reduces the disk footprint by eliminating duplicate copies of plugins from the build artifacts.


There are some changes to commonly-called Ant targets as well:


dev-build - Performs a clean build of the DTP repository and creates dev-eclipse and dev-target. This replaces clean-start.

full-build – Does everything above, plus x-builds with all supported targets (not relevant yet).


I have also updated the build to use Neon M6 as the target.




- Konstantin



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