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Re: [dtp-dev] Issue with update site when directory access is redirected

Thanks John.

I tried using http://.../dtp/site.xml as well but same was the result.

This email was also sent to eclipse.platform newsgroup; will monitor the response there.

On 26/05/2007, at 12:31 AM, jograham@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:


I haven't encountered this type of situation before, and I think getting UM
to read your site.xml will be only the first problem to solve, if OTN
redirects in this way. That's because after reading site.xml and getting choices from users, UM will need directory access to your /features and
/plugins directories for the actual download. It sounds like you'd be
better off using a different server other that OTN for the update site. Also, you might want to try this question on the general Eclipse platform
newsgroup, where there might be more experience with UM to share.

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Staff Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.

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Subject [dtp-dev] Issue with update site 05/25/2007 03:20 when directory access is redirected

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I am trying to a setup a update site to publish our Eclipse Features.
The OTN site redirects all directory access to the main page; so when I
try updating using Eclipse Update Manager, it returns the following
error message. Any thoughts ?

Network connection problems encountered during search.
   Unable to access "http://.../dtp/";.
     Unable to access site: "http://.../dtp/"; [Server returned HTTP
response code: "302 Found" for URL: http://.../dtp/.] <http://.../.% 5D>
     Unable to access site: "http://.../dtp/"; [Server returned HTTP
response code: "302 Found" for URL: http://.../dtp/.] <http://.../ dtp/.%5D>

Note: ... is used to mask the complete url since it is not available yet.


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