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Re: [dtp-dev] Proposed API Change - JDBC Catalog Loader Helpers


My concern is that this change might destablize DMP and DTP enablement
project (sybase portion).


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Hey all,

I'd like to make a potentially breaking API change to some of the JDBC
catalog loader helper classes.  (Note, these API are currently

I'd like to modify the factory interfaces used by JDBCTableLoader,
JDBCRoutineLoader and JDBCUserDefinedTypeLoader.  I'd like to add an
initialize() method to each of these.

Because the loaders have been modified to reuse any existing objects, there
is a chance that some of those objects' properties will not get updated.
For most objects, this is pretty much limited to the description property,
but the default UDT loader does set the base type during load.  Specialized
loaders may initialize other properties on the objects they are loading.

Any objections, comments, concerns?

Rob Cernich
DTP Connectivity Project Lead

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