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Re: [dtp-dev] Firebird enablement in DTP


Sorry for answering so late - I have made a bug in my procmail script and all letters since 27th of February were lost. I just checked the web archives...

Yes, I have created my own DDL generator, actually that's what I'm working on. My original posts were referring to the cases where the SQL is automatically generated within the DTP classes without touching the DDL generator and ignoring the supportsSchemas() outcome. There are few such places, those that I found I have reported in the bug reports.

If I understood correctly, Lawrence suggested to use fake schema name that would match the database name. Apparently this seems to work for MySQL (misusing the distributed queries?), but it won't work in Firebird - the parser simply does not allow "." in object names.



I am assuming that you are using the default DDL generator. You can implement the DDLgeneration extension point defined in connectivity.sqm.core plugin. So that in your implementation you can then ignore the schema in the DDL generation. org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.derby plugin has the example code implementing the extension point for DDL generation.


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