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Re: [dtp-dev] Firebird enablement in DTP


Thanks for your reply.

> As far as the Sample Contents and Data Editor features, I would say that this is a defect. These features should be aware of the whether or not schema are supported. Please open two defects for this, one against Sample Contents and one against the Data Editor.
> Generally, since the supportsSchema() method is available from the Database Definition, all DTP features should be checking this as necessary in order to provide the proper behavior.

I have opened following bug reports:


They also include suggested fix, which I have tested locally. It works, though I used the released sources, not the CVS snapshot. I have included all plugin jars in classpath when compiling the fixes, so it might not respect some plugin dependencies, etc.

One more issue - different places of DTP check whether to use fully qualified name differently. Some (TableHelper in bug 175454) check whether Table.getSchema() returns null. However in other places DTP uses table.getSchema().getName() code to get the schema name. Obviously, it would generate NPE if Table.getSchema() returns null.

And one more question: are there any plans to release a bugfix DTP release or the next release will be DTP 1.5?