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[dtp-dev] Firebird enablement in DTP


Let me first introduce myself. I am currently main developer of the Firebird's JDBC driver (Jaybird) as well as one of the admins of the Firebird project.

I have already sent this email to dtp-connect-dev list, but this seems to be more active compared to that one. Sorry for crossposting.

Right now I am trying to add support for Firebird RDBMS to DTP and experience some problem. The main specifics of the Firebird is that is does not support schemas. I have created appropriate extensions of the org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.driverExtension extension point and it works - DTP is able to load and show the database objects.

The next problem are the Data->Sample Contents, Data->Edit and similar functionality. I have discovered that in many places DTP generates the qualified name of the table by using schemaName + "." + tableName ignoring the "Schema supported" setting in the corresponding XMI-file.

At this point I have started checking whether I can override the functionality by creating my own plugin that would reuse existing DTP code and override some methods (e.g. TableDataEditor.initDbOutputItem()).

I have subclassed the ProfileActionsActionProvider and the DataSourceExplorerView classes and configured the appropriate extension points in the plugin. However, I experience one problem - my custom view contains the registered profile nodes, but when I connect to the database, the tree content is updated in the original DSE view, not in my customized one. I have spent some time to solve the issue, but with no success.

Now it is time to ask questions :)

a) is there any way to tell DTP not to use schema when computing qualified names without directly modifying the DTP sources?

b) assuming that overriding those methods is the only possibility to solve the issue, where can I get help about subclassing/customizing the DSE and related classes?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Roman Rokytskyy

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