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Re: [dtp-dev] Proposal for server version discovery in connectivity component in DTP 1.5

Hey Larry,

> Implementation
> 1)  Database Recognizers
> A database recognizer is a class that is registered using the
> databaseRecognition extension point in the org.eclipse.datatools.
> connectivity.sqm.core plug-in.  The class implements a method that
> takes a connection and then returns a DatabaseDefinition if it
> recognizes the server.
> 2)  Connection Factory Modifications
> The connection factory will be modified as follows:
> a)  A DatabaseDefinition based on the vendor and version specified
> in the driver definition will be associated with the connection.
> (This is the current behavior.)
> b)  If no vendor and version is specified in the driver definition
> or the DatabaseDefinition specified cannot be instantiated then the
> generic JDBC database definition will be associated with the connection.
> c) After connection, the database recognizers will be queried.  If
> they recognize the server then that DatabaseDefinition will used by
> the connection.
> Please respond with any comments or concerns.

Sounds like a good plan to me.

Rob Cernich
DTP Connectivity Project Lead

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