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Re: [dtp-dev] Recommended builds?

> For your case, are you looking for more frequent builds (say, weekly) that
> have been generally smoke tested on the target platform?

Yes, that's pretty much it. In all honesty, we probably do not literally need
them "weekly" ... bi-weekly would probably suffice. It is not so much to pick up
some new function or bug fixes (for that we could almost always wait for a milestone),
but it's just to have some "steady progression" towards our milestone. As we near it,
we like to update to "the latest" of our pre-req projects, just to make sure there's no
odd surprises or bugs.

The other considertation is retention ... I don't know how long you leave up a nightly build,
but if we switch to such a build, we (and our clients) pretty much need it to stay around
until the next milestone. That's why we (in WTP) have weekly I-builds ... we feel fine about
leaving all those around until out next milestone is produced. (but we could not leave all of
our "nightly" builds, there's just be too many).

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02/06/2007 04:51 PM

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DTP development mailing list <dtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: [dtp-dev] Recommended builds?


DTP has used a number of types of builds in the past (nightly, integration,
iteration, stable, etc.) and for DTP 1.5 we're trying to adjust according
to adopter needs. One thing we're aiming for is an "integration" build as
soon as possible after platform milestones (see "Release Milestones" in for details).

For your case, are you looking for more frequent builds (say, weekly) that
have been generally smoke tested on the target platform? If so, then the
nightly builds aren't a bad place to start (we don't post builds if they
are seriously broken), though testing coverage varies depending upon
committer availability. We'd be happy to add a weekly integration build
(where "integration" means fairly well tested over a 24 period with the
latest integration builds of our dependencies), if that would help your
project. Please let us know your thoughts.

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Staff Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.

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I thought I'd ask here, in case I'm missing something, but does DTP not
have weekly "Integration Builds" (toward your 1.5).

What's a consuming project to do? Just pick up the latest nightly?  Or, are
they there somewhere, and just not on

Thanks for any advice.

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