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[dtp-dev] DbUnit Integration for DTP in Europa

Hi there...

We (the DTP team) have been looking at other projects to see what we could adopt for use generally within Eclipse and specifically to work with the DTP tooling we already have developed. Database testing is definitely one area where we think it would strengthen our cause. We think that DbUnit would be a great way to provide that capability within the Eclipse and DTP frameworks.

For those of you unfamiliar with DbUnit, you can check out for more details. But it basically provide a JUnit extension to handle unit testing of database stored procedures.

What we are hoping to do is integrate DbUnit in a similar fashion to how JUnit was integrated with Eclipse, providing wizards for test case and test suite creation, runtime configuration, and some utilities to create datasets.

I'm interested to hear from the DTP community and developers to see if a) there are any Eclipse users among you who use DbUnit and would like to help with this integration (testing or coding), and b) if you have any feedback on features you would like to see integrated into Eclipse and DTP from DbUnit.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you!


Brian Fitzpatrick
Sr Software Engineer/DTP Committer
Sybase, Inc.

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