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[dtp-dev] Specifying the JVM version for plug-ins


A Europa requirement [1] is that all plug-ins specify their JVM level. For
DTP, since we have agreed to 1.4 as our base JVM for Europa, we would add
the following at the end of each plug-in's manifest file:

Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment: J2SE-1.4

We would like to have this complete for the M5 build, so I am offering to
take care of this for all DTP plug-ins. Please let me know by the end of
Monday (2/5) whether you will handle specific plug-ins yourself. Otherwise,
I will make these changes for Tuesday's build next week.

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Staff Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.

section "Must Do," item 8

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