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[dtp-dev] Question Concerning Statically vs. Dynamically Defined DB Meta-data

Hey all,

There are a couple of defects open against the connectivity framework
regarding the use of information in the DatabaseDefinition.  One is
concerned with version information
( and the other is
concerned with quoted identifiers

The first issue is related to using the version returned by the connection
to resolve a DatabaseDefinition as opposed to the information defined
within the driver definition.

The second issue is related to using the quote character defined by the
DatabaseDefinition as opposed to the character returned by

The bigger issue is how should we handle cases where the DatabaseDefinition
(or driver definition) says one thing, but the actual connection says
something else?  I would propose we use the information on the connection,
defaulting to the statically defined information in the event the
information cannot be derived directly from the connection.

Any opinions?

Rob Cernich
DTP Connectivity Project Lead

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