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[dtp-dev] Build system for DTP

We've started with a couple of successful iteration builds, but the need to
have an automated build system has become clear. I'd like to propose the
following high-level goal for this:

(1) Anyone interested in a build of DTP should be able to obtain a copy of
the master build script from CVS and easily use it to get a current DTP

While it might seem that the goal states the obvious, I can't remember how
many times I've seen so-called "builds" that require configuration and
other esoteric knowledge to the extent that only the original author (if
lucky) can make the build run. By "easily" in the above statement, I mean
something like: Set a few configuration parameters, choose the ant target,
and run.

Do people on this list agree that the above goal is (a) correct and (b)
attainable? If not, then please elaborate.

When discussing builds in the past, we've said that project leads would be
responsible for providing project build scripts that would then be included
in a DTP build script. Following the above goal, I'd broaden this to be:
component leads are responsible for providing build scripts to project
leads who then provide project-level scripts to the person in charge of the
overall DTP build. Does this sound reasonable?

If so, then I'd like to work with the team to get build scripts in place
for those components currently in the iteration build. As the component in
the iterations set grows, so will the build scripts. I think there are a
number of details we have to settle, such as standard target names,
standard configurations, integration with unit tests, and so on. Let's use
this thread to enumerate such requirements (in addition to other
build-related discussions), and drive toward a consensus in the next couple
of weeks.

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC
Staff Software Engineer
Sybase, Inc.

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