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[dtp-dev] First DTP Iteration build available for download

I'm pleased to announce that the first DTP iteration build (within the M1
cycle) is now available for download ( and follow
the "Downloads" link on the left). This build represents the first of many
that we intend to make available as we work toward the DTP 0.N and then 1.0
releases. I'd like to take a moment to explain the motivation for these
iteration builds, what you can expect, and what you should not expect.

The intention behind the iteration builds is to get DTP functionality in
the hands of the community as soon as possible. While there is a lot of
code already in the DTP repository, much of it is in transition and, as
several people have noted, there is a lot of duplication and components
that do not work. As the DTP committers consolidate this code base into
what will eventually form the DTP release, certain sets of features emerge
over time. We would like to call your attention to these features in a
manner that is simple to use (that is: get a build rather than rummage
around the repository). Our hope is that these builds will enable the
community to understand DTP in steps and encourage constructive discussions
with the DTP team. The procedures for iterations and the iterations plans
through M2 can be found at

Each iteration begins with a set of goals, inspired by the concept of "user
stories," and these are posted to the dtp-dev mailing list near the
beginning of the iteration. It is important to realize that iteration
builds are for community learning and review, and do not imply either (a)
completeness of features or (b) a certain quality standard beyond what is
stated in the iteration goals. Many of these iterations will be to get
functionality out to the community in "draft" form, and we ask that
iteration builds be reviewed with this in mind. Naturally, as DTP
progresses through milestones, release candidates, and then numbered
releases, the completeness and correctness of functionality will meet
Eclipse standards. Iteration builds are not intended as milestones, release
candidates, or releases.

The goals stated earlier this week on dtp-dev for this first iteration

0. Have a DTP build available and in place on the download site
1. Make the SQL and Database Definition models available in the build
2. Provide a tutorial white paper for the SQL and Database Definition
3. Make the Driver Management Framework available in the build
4. Provide documentation about the Driver Management Framework extension

As of today we have made the builds of the components mentioned above
available on the Eclipse download site (note that mirroring might take a
little while, but at least the main download site has the build at the time
of this message), and the supporting documentation will be posted to the
DTP web site by midday tomorrow.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in making
this first iteration as success -- we're off to a great start! We look
forward to working with the DTP community to insure that our deliverables
meet the needs of everyone concerned.

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC
Staff Software Engineer
Sybase, Inc.

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