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[dtp-dev] DTP SDT Co-Leads Meeting Minutes from 10/5/05

Hung Hsi, Sybase
Sheila Sholars, IBM


> Project plan input
Subcomponent focal points to provide input to the overall plan by 10/14.
The first action requested of the focal points is to collaborate with their respective workgroup members to provide details needed as input for overall SQL Dev Tools project plan.
10/5: All still on target. Focal points to initiate communication with workgroup members.

> Exemplary Tooling for Routines Framework
9/27: Routines subcomponent will include the framework as well as exemplary tooling. If resources do not permit implementation during the 1.0 timeframe, that will be reflected in the plan.
10/5: Hung reported that progress has been made towards an exemplary editor, sensitive to Derby syntax. The question of an exemplary debugger is still open.

> Next meeting:
Wed, Oct 19, 2005

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