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Re: [dsdp-tm-dev] "Run a command" functionality

On Friday, June 24, 2011 19:08:52 Anna Dushistova wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Here are my two cents.
> 1) Currently there is no way to get the exit status of the process for ssh.
> I quickly looked through the JCraft classes we use and even ChannelExec
> doesn't have an ability to provide an exit value.

I suppose it's worth raising with them? After all, it just software.

> 2) Speaking about telnet and the "echo $?", I don't think we should bring
> this solution into RSE. Telnet is a pretty generic protocol and is not
> limited to Unix systems. We cannot assume the existence of "echo" and bash
> on the remote side.

Right, but this is one of the problems I've raised. Right now, this
problem is present in every code that uses RSE and wants to know status
of a program. If this code is present in RSE, there's a chance that
any improvements, for example UI to specify the type of remote
system, will benefit all RSE clients.


Vladimir Prus
CodeSourcery / Mentor Graphics
+7 (812) 677-68-40

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