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Re: [dsdp-tm-dev] cant create a new connection

Hi Raymond,

thanks for mentioning this. In fact, the lack of write permission on "Program Files" under Windows 7 has caused a lot of ripple with Helios.

Would you mind filing a bug report against RSE, asking for better error message in the case where there's no write permission for profiles because RSE is installed under Program Files ?


raymond.edwards@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I already figured out the problem:

After looking at the details, I see that it all goes wrong when it tries to save some data related to the connection. I'm a sucker for consistency, so I dropped the Eclipse folder in Program Files. I'm assuming RSE didn't have the approprate permissions to write there, so it just failed. Eclipse folder is now on my desktop and RSE works great!

Now why the hell doesn't Eclipse have a proper installer so it can live with the rest of my programs?! 8)

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