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[dsdp-tm-dev] Remote development on Linux


I'm trying to do some C/C++ development on linux (x64) from a windows workstation machine (x86/x64) with Eclipse. Here's some stuff I already tried:
-RSE - works nicely but you need a SSH terminal to build
-RDT (which I guess is RSE with automatic start-up of dstore server) - can build from Eclipse GUI, but I can't run/debug applications that are built and located on linux machine. By the looks of it I would need to download executable to windows machine, re-upload the same file back to linux machine (or at least have a dummy linux executable on windows machine to be able to run "remote application launcher") and use gdbserver to forward stuff on my windows machine running a cross build of gdb (and for example gdb from cygwin doesn't work). -TCF - Seams to be the best tool for the job. I can do everything including debugging, but the tool is still in development and for example while stepping through the code worked I was unable to place breakpoints.

So what would be the most stable/feature complete version of TCF and is there any roadmap available about its development? Is there any other alternative for this type of usage (linux x64 target, windows x32/x64 workstation) that does not include cross compilers and debuggers?

Thank you!

Best regards,
Marko Dolenc

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