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[dsdp-tm-dev] Recent TM 3.2.1rc4 fixes were not promoted to Helios SR1

Dear TM Committers,
I just discovered that the recent TM fixes which we made for 3.2.1rc4 were not promoted to Helios SR1 properly.
Since the Helios Repo is frozen at this point, it looks like Helios SR1 is going to ship with our 3.2.1rc3 build, M20100907-0720, instead of rc4.
Since it is important for our consumers to get the same binary bits from both Helios and our downloads, it looks like we'll have to release rc3 as 3.2.1.
This affects the following bug fixes which are *not* going to be in 3.2.1 (but available via more recent M-builds):
ID Sev Pri Resolution Summary TargetM
324192 maj P3 FIXE Cannot open a renamed file 3.2.2
321766 maj P1 FIXE Connector service connect and disconnect can interfere with each other across threads 3.2.2
317541 enh P3 FIXE Show blank as the last modified for a file with no last modified 3.2.2
324519 nor P3 FIXE SystemEditableRemoteFile throws NPE when used in headless mode 3.2.2
324669 nor P3 FIXE [dstore] IBM-eucJP to UTF-8 char conversion appends nulls to end of file during text-mode download 3.2.2
323299 nor P3 FIXE [files] remote file view adapter needs to use the latest version of IRemoteFile 3.2.2
For now, I have tagged those fixes as "3.2.2". In the unlikely event of a Helios SR1 respin, I would of course contribute our most recent build so then we could move back the target milestone.
Consumers who need these fixes can pick up recent M-builds; and, it is up to us to release 3.2.2 fairly soon if we need to, it just looks like we're not getting this into 3.2.1 which must equal Helios SR1.
Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
direct +43.662.457915.85  fax +43.662.457915.6

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