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[dsdp-tm-dev] Newbie guide

hello again,

sorry for the last message, i accidentally hit send.

Anyway let me proceed, I am testing some functionality of RSE Target Management. I have already achieve the RSE connection, using Dstore, now what i am trying to achieve is like a Remote Debugging.

I have an Ubuntu Host PC which has eclipse on it plus RSE plugins, then i have another machine a Laptop which also has an Ubuntu, same 32-bit OS. Now what i am doing is i created a simple hello world in the Host PC, then build the project and compile it there. Now i transfer just the binary file to the Laptop using Remote Systems. But i am having difficulty on how to Debug it remotely.. Can someone give me any idea about this?? been trying to fix this problem for days without any luck, maybe because i dont know much about eclipse and this RSE plugin..

Hope someone could help.. Thanks....



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