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RE: [dsdp-tm-dev] Error as indirectly referenced from required .classfile


Looks like your classpath is invalid. 

Try to refresh your workspace, do a clean build, refresh your target
platform in the Preferences, PDE Tools > Update Classpath ... I've had
similar issues myself in the past, PDE is sometimes a mess when you
update the target platform.

In the worst case you might need to set up a fresh clean workspace and
import your projects again. Then I'm pretty much sure it will work

I do not think that this is due to a change in RSE.

Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
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I was working with the following piece of code with RSE-SDK-3.1M6 and
was working fine

fss = RemoteFileUtility.getFileSubSystem(host);
IRemoteFile workspace = fss.getRemoteFileObject("/user", null);

When upgraded to RSE-SDK-3.1.2, I'm receiving an error saying,

The type
cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class

Please let me know if I'm required to use any other method to get hold
of remote resource. Also if nothing works, it would be great if anyone
can provide the download location for RSE-SDK-3.1M6.

Thanks in advance,


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