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[dsdp-tm-dev] RSEDefaultNewConnectionWizardMainPage seems to be more specific than intended

Hi all,
I'm currently trying to implement a NewConnectionWizard that extends RSEAbstractNewConnectionWizard and uses RSEDefaultNewConnectionWizardMainPage as a main page.
While typing a hostname into the host name field, I encountered a stack overflow I figured out as follow:
while trying to validate the form/text typed and refresh the buttons (RSEDefaultNewConnectionWizardMainPage[:154].canFlipToNextPage()), the mainPage checks whether mainPage is a RSEDefaultNewConnectionWizard or not.
If not (my case), is calls super.canFlipToNextPage() which in turn seems to ask to the implementation to validate the form, etc, etc...
Isn't RSEDefaultNewConnectionWizardMainPage usable without RSEDefaultNewConnectionWizard?

My workaround is to extend RSEDefaultNewConnectionWizard instead of RSEAbstractNewConnectionWizard but it's not so great cause I cannot even use the super attributes since there is no getters and setters and my code differs in only performFinish(). I have to override everything.
Is this intended and am I missing something here?

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