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RE: [dsdp-tm-dev] RSE as a standalone app

Hi Jacques,

Without checking in much detail, I would say: You can use parts
Of RSE in a Java app too, for instance the dstore data transfer
Or generally the Services layer (implementations of IService
for various connectivity, e.g. SSH).

I'm afraid that stuff like views, editors, combos, dialogs etc
Are all tied to the Eclipse Platform. At one point there was
An idea to tune down dependencies to at least run on Eclipse RCP,
(there is still a bug open for that), but as of today at least
Eclipse Resources are needed (corresponding to a downloadable
"Eclipse Platform Runtime".

If you are just after data transfer, a plain library like Apache
VFS may be what you want. For an OSGi environment, look at ECF.
Otherwise, running an Eclipse App is also more lightweight than
You might think... The Eclipse Platform can be trimmed down 
Quite a bit...


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Hi Martin, thanks for the answer! That's right, I tried to run it as an
app since I'm not trying to implement a plugin.
Is it possible to activate RSE outside a plugin?
> Hello Jacques,
> this sounds like you tried to "Run as Java Application" your code, 
> while you should "Run As Eclipse Application".
> If this does not help, please give more details about how your 
> workspace is set up and how you are trying to launch.
> Also see
> ha
> nges.3F
> and related entries in the FAQ.
> Martin
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