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[dsdp-tm-dev] Making hover over capabilities to work for remote resources


I'm developing an Eclipse plugin for C/C++ developers integrating local environment for them.
I could get the IDE working for them in terms of setting up environment and compiling along with remote search. 
Remote search is required as I don't maintain the whole source code on local machine. Developer will select resources as per their requirement and fetch them into their workspace which will also be there on remote server. Remote workspaces are accessible through eclipse by extending RSE. Developer can download resources on local machine, make changes and save. Like I have mentioned earlier dev can also compile and search. But remote search as being remote takes time.
I am trying to make hovering capability to work but few problems faced are,
1 - complete source code is not available on local machine
2 - even if i get the complete source code on machine, CDT doesnt understand the code structure and fails most of the time.
I have also gone through
which mentions about prototype work is being done.

Can anyone provide any pointers here on? I need a way or few pointers to implement hover over capabilities when complete source code is not locally available.
What code structure is expected in terms of making CDT hover capabilities to work efficiently when having source code locally available.

Thanks in advance,


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