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Re: [dsdp-tm-dev] Connection timed out error...RSEG1058

Hi Vrushali,

The DataStore preferences apply to DataStore connections only. Are you using a DataStore connection or another type (i.e. SSH)?

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[dsdp-tm-dev] Connection timed out error...RSEG1058


I'm using RSE-SDK-3.1 and Eclipse 3.5. I could make connection to remote server programmatically but suffering from connection timed out error RSEG1058, saying 'Connect to Remote_server_name was cancelled'.

I tried setting Connection timeout using Preference page
(Windows -> Preferences -> Remote Systems -> Data Store) by setting the value to 64800000 but still doesn't seemed to be solving my problem.
Even after making the change in connection timeout range, i'm getting disconnected with the very short period of time.

So I am in need of some way to set connection timeout when I'm connecting to remote server. Please provide pointers and even anyone could tell me what is the default timeout?

Thanks in advance,

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