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[dsdp-tm-dev] Problem in Remote Systems view

Situation -
I need to connect to 2 servers using RSE; out of which i could make connection to one and even could see hierarchical view for directories.
But for the 2nd server, i could connect and even could launch the remote shell but could not see the heirarchical view of directories there.
When i expand sftp files, it asks me for password. It does the authentication and gets me connected to the server. From this point on i can only launch the remote shell and can run commands but once i expand 'My Home' or 'Root' filter, get following error
"Failed to connect SFTP subsystem: Remote host may not have sftp-server installed: 4 Received message too long"
Am i suppose to make any changes in order to get the Remote System view working?
Thanks in advance,

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