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[dsdp-tm-dev] Want to become a committer?

Hi Rado,
I'm wondering whether you'd be interested in becoming a committer
on the TM Project? - Your contributions had outstanding quality so
far, and it would save me from applying your patches :-)
Being a committer gives you privileges, especially write-access to
the CVS Repository;
But it also gives you responsibilities, by order of importance:
  • Most importantly, since you can write to CVS, you need to keep the Codebase clean. You need to understand Copyright Rules and avoid committing any stuff that you copied & pasted from somewhere. Also, you must not commit profanity in the source files.
  • Second, as a committer you are entitled to voting (e.g. voting in new committers; voting on a go/no-go for releases. Vote period is one week as per our project charter; committers who don't read the mailing list and don't wait within a few days hold off every vote, this is not appreciated. Therefore, as a committer, we expect that you regularly read the project mailing list and respond to voting requests.
  • Third, as a committer you represent the project so it's expected that you answer questions from newcomers on the newsgroup or mailing list.
  • Fouth, being a committer is understood as a long-term priviledge / obligation. It means that you are willing to maintain and evlove some part of the code (typicaly yours :-) over time, and eventually start reviewing / accepting contributions from others via Bugzilla - which, again, requires that you understand the Eclipse Copyright Due Diligence process. Commit Rights can be revoked after an extended period of inactivity, though we'd prefer to not do that and keep you being committer even in case you switch companies: it's a personal priviledge for you and not any employer.
Sounds interesting to you? If yes, please let me know and I
can propose you to the other commiters, who'd then vote about
the proposal.
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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