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RE: [dsdp-tm-dev] Resources are not displayed as expected when the RSEAbstractSystemRemoteAdapterFactory is moved to a UI plugin

Hello Jiu,
the point is that Eclipse loads plugins lazily, and the Platform.getAdapterManager()
doesnt force loading a plugin just because an adapter is requested for it. This has
been discussed a lot in the Platform here:
Until this bug is resolved in one way or the other, you are responsible yourself
for activating your UI plugin one way or the other. In the RSE plugins, we are
doing this currently by calling Platform.loadAdpater() in the non-UI plugin's
startup code in a deferred thread - see for instance the implementation in
As well as bug 23105 for reference. But the solution is not optimal, since in
rare timing conditinons RSE could want to load an adapter before the UI bundle
activation is finished. I'm investing other solutions to this by this bug:
which is also related to general lazy startup improvements as per bug
What I'd recommend you is that for a start you do the forced adapter
loading like we do it in RSE , and you CC on the two bugs mentioned
to see when we find an alternative solution and how we do it.
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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Subject: [dsdp-tm-dev] Resources are not displayed as expected when the RSEAbstractSystemRemoteAdapterFactory is moved to a UI plugin

Hi All,


I am new to TM and RSE. I created a new RSE system type, subsystem configuration, subsystem, connector service and a new connection wizard according to TM tutorial. I was able to create a new connection and it is properly coming in the RSE Remote Systems view and I was able to see my resources after I connect. I did all the above functionality using a single plug-in. Then I decided to separate the UI part to another plug-in and moved the connection wizard and RSE UI adapters to a new UI plug-in. I registered the RSE AbstractSystemRemoteAdapterFactory adapter in my UI plug-in’s start() function. But this is causing problems since my UI plugin’s start() will not get called unless I take the RSE Connection wizard and the resources under already created connection are not getting properly adapted to in the RSE Remote Systems View.  Is there any work around for this? Or do I have to always use my RSE UI adapter in non-ui plug-in itself?



Jiju George T,

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