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[dsdp-tm-dev] RE: Question about Team suppotr in TM 3.0

Hello Assaf,
what you describe seems like a great suggestion, which I'd love
to see myself :-)
In terms of implementation, I see two possibilities for getting this done:
 (a) Have an RSE "rsync" subsystem, which maps any remote
      file tree to a local drive, presents it to Workspace as an
      EFS resource, and can sync on user request. Bug
      is open for this.
      Advantage of "rsync" over other RSE file subsystem transports
      is that it is optimized and thus much faster for synchronization -
      but requires ssh / rsync support on the remote. When rsync
      itself is not available, the subsystem could fallback to other
      installed RSE file subsystems. For this "fallback" mechanism,
      we do not have an enhancement request in bugzilla yet.
(b) Have an Eclipse Team Provider that works just like CVS/SVN but
     copies to the local disk rather than checking out. Such a team
     provider could use RSE file subsystems as the underlying transport,
     but it could also use any registered EFS provider or something
     else. In other words, it's not necessarily bound to RSE.
     We do not have this enhancement request in bugzilla yet, although
     seems related.
The "RSE Team Support : Import and Export Profiles" that you saw
on the planning page is something completely different: Given that
RSE User A has some connections set up (with filters) and wants
to share (give) those to another team member user B, he should be
able to export the connection data into an XML file, mail it to user
B, and have that user import that data into his RSE workspace.
is open for this request.
Would you mind filing a bugzilla enhancement requst for what you
have in mind, to ensure that your ideas are properly captured? -
Current TM committers do not have bandwidth to implement it
for you, but on bugzilla we can discuss and shape the feature
request, and of course help out with any issues you'd have in
case you consider contributing yourselves.
Thanks for your suggestion,
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

From: Assaf Almaz [mailto:Assaf.Almaz@xxxxxxxx]
Sent: Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2008 17:27
To: Oberhuber, Martin
Subject: Question about Team suppotr in TM 3.0

Hi Martin,


My name is Assaf Almaz and I am working as the PHP Development Tools manager at Zend

in charge of the PDT eclipse project and the Zend studio commercial product.

As you are probably know (from Yaron Mazor), we are using the RSE plugin as part of the product

and we are facing a lot of performance issues when we use it to add a "Link Folder" to a project

and the "Link folder" is mapped to a remote folder:

)a) The building workspace time is huge (for 3000 files it could take 8-20 minutes)

(b) The entire application is frozen – you cannot save files and editing files is very slow while

    the building workspace is going on (the workspace is locked)


So, one of the things we though about was to make it work "like" CVS that means:

1. Creating a remote folder will "import" all the files from the remote folder to the
   local file system (like working with CVS/SVN)

2. Every file that is modified (locally) will have an annotation that will show it has been
   modified (and should be "committed" back to the
remote server)

3. The developer will be able to "compare" his local copy with the remote (ftp) copy to see
   the changes and to commit/discard his changes

4. The developer will be able to "synchronize" his local copies (the entire "remote folder")
   with the remote copies and get a view that will show him (just like in CVS/SVN)

    - the files that were modified locally

    - the files that were modified remotely (by others)

    - the files that were modified both locally and remotely.

    For each file(s) the developer will be able to

    - commit his changes to the remote site

    - discard his changes and replace the local copy by the remote copy

    - do nothing (and continue to work on his local copies till he will decide it is time to commit them)


Basically it is like working with CVS/SVN but the data source is the remote folder which is "imported" to the
local file system but has metadata about the remote location and the timestamps that contains for each
file when it was last modified on the server (at the time we imported the files).

One change from CVS/SVN is that there is no versioning (history of changes), there is

only the local copy and the remote copy.


By looking at

I saw that for the TM version 3.0 that is part of Ganymede you have an item
called "Team support" and that it contains "Import/Export RSE Profiles"

I wanted to better understand what does it mean (from what I understand it is
not what I just described)


Assaf A.


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