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[dsdp-tm-dev] FW: Tie wizard to system type

FYI: How to tie custom newConnectionWizards
to dynamic system types. I'm not sure if
or how that info could go into the docs...

-----Original Message-----
From: Stieber, Uwe 
Sent: Donnerstag, 07. Februar 2008 08:55
To: Achacoso, Ka Kay; Oberhuber, Martin
Subject: RE: Tie wizard to system type

Hi Ka Kay,

first, you basically needs the SystemTypeProvider only if you plan to
generate system types dynamically and/or you need to do some stuff which
requires to overwrite RSESystemType. Both things are pretty advanced and
may side track for simple system types.

For bindings the wizard to a system type ...

a) Within you extension to org.eclipse.rse.ui.newConnectionWizards you
have an attribute "systemTypeIds". Specify your system type id there and
the connection between system type and wizard is made.

b) With dynamic system types you need own instances of RSESystemType and
RSESystemTypeAdapter. Overwrite
RSESystemTypeAdapter#acceptWizardDescriptor and check for you wizard id.

Again, for simple system types I would advise to go via variant a) and
at least comment out the system type provider extension till you really
requires to do something only dynamic system types can do.

Regards, Uwe :)

> I have a new connection wizard that extends 
> RSEAbstractNewConnectionWizard.  It extends the extension 
> point org.eclipse.rse.ui.newConnectionWizards.
> I also have a SystemType that extends AbstractRSESystemType, 
> and a SystemTypeProvider that implements IRSESystemTypeProvider.
> How do I tie the new connection wizard with the SystemType or 
> SystemTypeProvider so that when a new connection for that 
> system type is made, it goes to my connection wizard?  I 
> can't figure out the link.
> Thanks.
> Ka Kay

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