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RE: [dsdp-tm-dev] copy between the same subSystemTypes

Hello Christian,

some FTP servers also support direct server-to-server copy,
so this is a very interesting request. I'm not sure if 
dstore also supports it.

>From the RSE client point of view, IFileService currently
does not have any API methods that could be used to support
server-to-server copy; nor does IRemoteFileSubSystem have

So if you want to implement it, you'd have to write your
own variant of 
  SystemCopyRemoteFileAction (see the doCopy() method) 
plus, if you want to support drag&drop for non-RSE
resources as well (via EFS):
  SystemDropActionDelegate (copy to non-rse resource)
  SystemPasteFromClipboardAction (copy from non-rse)

The general route for bringing such custom support into
a custom subsystem is via the ISystemViewElementAdapter.
In this case, this would be SystemViewRemoteFileAdapter.
In it, you'd create variants of the 
methods. Unfortunately, that adapter is created by the 
SystemViewFileAdapterFactory for any IRemoteFile objects - 
so if you'd want to do your own adapter, you'd end up
duplicating most of the file subsystem :-(

So currently, it looks to me like the only thing you can
do is create your own ADDITIONAL "Copy to other server..."
action that the menu would show in your subsystem in 
ADDITION to the RSE "Copy..." action.

Any tighter integration of server-to-server copy would 
require API changes down to the IFileService APIs. 
If you'd like to see that, please file an enhancement
request in bugzilla.

Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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> Subject: [dsdp-tm-dev] copy between the same subSystemTypes
> Hi,
> during a demonstration of the RSE and my plugin for 
> webservice-connections I got a nice feature request:
> The server application for that I implement a subsystem offers the 
> possibility to copy directly from server to server by a methodCall.
> Is there a possibility to check a copy tasks for source and 
> destination 
> type and if both are of my subsystemType?
> And can I react on this situation by requesting the 
> sourceServer to do 
> the copy Task instead of downloading and uploading the files?
> Thanks
> Christian
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