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Re: [dsdp-tm-dev] blank out the home path and create new connections

Hi Christian,

Service discovery for RSE (binaries and source) can be downloaded from the Europa Update site from "Remote Access and Device Development -> Target Management Service Discovery"
It will enable a "Discovery" system type that uses a custom wizard to perform a zeroconf discovery in the network.

Alternatively, the service discovery package can be obtained from the DSDP-TM downloads page:



Christian Hohmann <c.hohmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

17/01/2008 15:33

Re: [dsdp-tm-dev] blank out the home path and create         new        connections

Hi Javier,

thanks for your reply. I got the first part (blank off the home filter).
Now I want to start the Wizard. Unfortunatly I can't find the discovery

Could you give me a hint?

Tanks - Christian

javier.montalvoorus@xxxxxxxxxxx schrieb:
> Hi Christian,
> Showing only the root filter can be done by overriding
> *createDefaultFilterPool(ISystemFilterPoolManager mgr) *from
> org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.files.core.subsystems.RemoteFileSubSystemConfiguration
> in your subsystem implementation.
> The default method creates both filters "Root" and "Home", so you
> could use a similar code to create only "Root".
> For your second point, you can provide a custom wizard for your RSE
> system type in a similar way as the wizard for the "Discovery" system
> type.
> Adding a custom wizard for a specific system type can be done using
> the extension point *org.eclipse.rse.ui.newConnectionWizards*.
> You could take a look at the plugin org.eclipse.rse.discovery as an
> example of usage of the extension point.
> I hope it helps !
> Javier

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