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RE: [dsdp-tm-dev] Error when opening a folder in RSE explorer

Thank’s Javier.


I think in the meantime that you should display a more appropriate error message

and not to throw an exception – it displays an exception dialog which looks like a bug in our product…


Shall I open a new bug on it ?



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Hi Yaron,

The icon that appears in your FTP server represents a symbolic link. The behaviour of FTP symbolic links have been discussed in
Given a symbolic link, it's not possible knowing if it links a folder or a file, and analysing it by attempting to access the linked element compromised the performance as discussed in the bug.

So we went for the same heuristic applied by other FTP clients, which is showing the link as a linked folder unless its name contains dots ('.').
This solution shows the error you have experienced if a link is wrongly guessed to be a folder link. You could fix it by, for example, renaming your file link "a" to "a.lnk".



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[dsdp-tm-dev] Error when opening a folder in RSE explorer




Hi all.
When I try to open a folder with the “special” icon (what does it mean this icon ?)
I get an exception :
java.lang.ClassCastException: org.eclipse.rse.core.filters.SystemFilterReference
      at org.eclipse.rse.internal.files.ui.view.SystemViewRemoteFileAdapter.internalGetChildren(
      at org.eclipse.rse.internal.files.ui.view.SystemViewRemoteFileAdapter.getChildren(
      at org.eclipse.rse.internal.ui.view.SystemView$
Please see attached the exact screenshot and the “special” icon J
Please advise,
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