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[dsdp-tm-dev] RSE bugs and relations with Zend Studio for Eclipse

Hello Yossi, Yaron and all -
it's great that you're adopting TM and RSE in your commercial product.
As you've certainly seen in the past, we've been open to all your suggestions
and bug reports, making suggestions and giving hints on possible solutions
and even implementing fixes as much as we could. Bug 207189 which you
mentioned is an exceptionally good example -- there has been vivid
discussion on finding the best solution to it. So if you still see deficiencies
in communication, please let us know and we'll try to address these as soon
as possible.
In terms of better integration, I'd suggest that you folks get more active in the
project, and start fixing those issues that you consider most important yourselves!
We are an Open Source community, and we'll happily accept patches from you.
We're also open to helping with answering questions as much as we can.
Please understand, however, that all our committers are also working for
companies respectively, who may have different priorities than your folks.
The much we'd like to get all the issues fixed, we also have limited time
and resources to work on issues that are not the core priorities of our
own respective companies.
From this perspective, there is a clear answer when I estimate a particular
bug will be implemented: the very time that you go and implement it -
or probably earlier if anybody else considers it important enough for their
own respective products.
I'll take some blame myself that a project plan for TM 3.0 has not yet been
published officially, which would lay out the planning that the committers
and their respective companies have for this year. I'll finish this as soon
as I can so that you can see what the core committer's priorities are
exactly. In the meantime, you'll see a basic layout of our priorities in
As you see, EFS releated enhancements are at priority (7) which means
it's unlikely that the committer companies will put a lot of effor tin this.

Hi Martin,
We are very much appreciating the integration and the RSE plugin as we are bundling it as part of our commercial product, Zend Studio for Eclipse. Today this is the weakest component of the product (by the feedbacks we get from our users) but i'm sure it has much to improve in the near future.
We want to have a tighter integration by having better usability of the plugin and having different actions (like add to project) to the existing menu of the RSE.
Another reference is bug which Yaron submitted recently.
Any insight or thoughts about these issues? When do you estimate it will be implemented? Any idea on how to improve the integration between the projects and our communication?

Yossi Leon

Product Manager, Development Tools

& PDT Project Leader
yossi@xxxxxxxx +1-646-919-1456


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