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RE: [Suspected Spam][Blocked Sender][dsdp-tm-dev] An use case of Target Management

Hello Nivelin,
What you want to do is not easy to achieve with the tools we currently have:
* You want to do checkin/checkout through local Eclipse. It will depend
   on your CM system whether this works through EFS-shared resources
   or not.
* You want to browse with CDT on local Eclipse, so sources must be local
* You need the sources remote in order for make to work.
I'd recommend that you keep the sources on the remote Linux
box, and create a Samba share such that local Windows can
see the sources.
Given that your make system is hand-written to run on Linux
(and not a managed build), you can then edit the CDT make
command to be something like
    ssh remotehost "cd wsdir; make"
disadvantage of this is that you cannot easily build individual
files or directories. You could play with "External Tools"
launches to achieve this; but you'd probably not be able
to jump to the errors that the compiler spits out.
In order to debug, you either need a local cross-debugger on
Windows (unlikely you have that), or you change the CDT
debug command to be something like
   ssh remotehost gdb
there is a CDT bug for remote debugging which should tell
you the steps you need to take.

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Subject: [Suspected Spam][Blocked Sender][dsdp-tm-dev] An use case of Target Management

Hi Guys,


My question is: if I could use Target Management / RSE (maybe, in collaboration with other plug-ins) in the scenario described bellow:  


Eclipse IDE and TM / RSE plug-ins are installed on Win XP host

Now I want to launch make-based build process hosted in locally accessible Ubuntu / Linux box.

The idea is to control / manage all required development steps: (repository check-out; edit, build, deploy, test, debug, repository check-in and etc) via Eclipse, while the actual work to be done on Linux host, using different kind of scripts, makefiles and so on.


Thanks in advance for your assistance,




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