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RE: [dsdp-tm-dev] Example for programatically creating a connection

Hi Mathias,

> I have Problems with getting started using TM Terminal.
> Is there a chance to get a complete Example for opening a custom 
> Terminal Connection like localhost ssh without user input or 
> something else...

I am not sure I understand what you are asking for. Do you want to talk 
to a connection without having a UI (a kind of Expect in eclipse 
( ))? 
Or do you want to intercept the communication to the interactive
terminal by adding your code as decorator on the input and 
output stream?

> Also I need to start command sequences in the Terminal. I hope this 
> works the same way.

There is no support for scripting the terminal at the moment. 
This needs to be implemented in the terminal. 

> Later I want to send binary files with X-Modem Protocol to my 
> Target. 

There is no x-modem support at the moment.

> So I need a serial Connection.
> I want to use TM for automated submitting and setting up my 
> U-Boot on my embedded system.

This sounds like a reasonable request....

> Can U give me some advices for this Problems.

No much -- except inviting you to participate in the
terminal project with some contributions and patches
to address your problems. Note, the terminal implementation
is still under heavy development, so please get in contact
with us before you work on enhancements to make sure we are
not refactoring a piece of code while you are working on it.


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