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[dsdp-tm-dev] RE: RSEG1066U (RSE

Hello Alphonse,

for some reason, in your Profile the host 
named "Localhost" and typed "Linux" is missing
all the information about the server launcher.

How did you create that host?
Did RSE ever crash, potentially not writing profile
data completely? Did you see any other error log?

It would be interesting if you could reproduce the
issue with a fresh empty workspace, and then send
us the .metadata/.log file so we could see if there
are any exceptions logged. Or perhaps they are still 
in your existing .log file?

At any rate, please file a bug for continuing this

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member 

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Alphonse Van Assche [mailto:alcapcom@xxxxxxxxx] 
> Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2007 5:18 PM
> To: Oberhuber, Martin
> Cc: Target Management developer discussions
> Subject: Re: RSEG1066U (RSE
> Martin Oberhuber wrote:
> > Hello Alphonse,
> Hello Martin,
> > 
> > The DStoreConnectorService has not been changed since 2.0 
> so getting a 
> > later update is unlikely to help.
> > 
> > The backtrace seems to indicate that RSE is trying to run a 
> > ServerLauncher of an unknown type. This might happen if 
> your profile was 
> > incorrectly read from disk.
> I have just check the perms and all seems ok there.
> > Does this happen reproducably or intermittently? - If 
> reproducably, it 
> > could help getting your profile -- zip up the contents of
> > ${workspace}\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.rse.core\profiles
> That happen always but that strangely have already work, I 
> have attach 
> the profile directory. I have tested on a new workspace too but the 
> issue is still there.
> > Other than that, I think the only possibility for 
> understanding what 
> > happens here is debugging the issue. Just set a breakpoint in 
> > DStoreConnectorService line 761 -- the code should never go 
> there. If it 
> > does go there, investigate the variables. Another 
> breakpoint could be in 
> > DStoreConnectorService line 356.
> > At any rate, please file a bug since this issue is 
> certainly not known 
> > yet, and attach any information you can get.
> > 
> Thanks for these infos, I would try to debug with the above 
> hints and BZ 
> it when I have more useful informations about the issue.
> Thanks,
> Alphonse

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