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[dsdp-tm-dev] Question about RSE startup


I've been seeing strange behavior from RSE when I call from an external plugin, particularly during early initialization of Eclipse. Although the RSE UI and core plugins are loaded, they don't seem to have been fully configured. So calling RSECorePlugin.getTheSystemRegistry().getHosts(), for example, sometimes returns nothing, sometimes one host, sometimes multiple hosts.

I think the issue is caused by the use of InitRSEJob to perform RSE initialization. I presume that this is to reduce the plugin loading overhead on Eclipse, but the problem is that it may be some time before this job is actually run, so it is possible to attempt to call RSE methods before it is fully initialized.

Do you have any way of checking that RSE is ready, rather than just loaded? Alternatively, could isTheSystemRegistryActive() be changed so that it reflects the initialized state of RSE?



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