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RE: [dsdp-tm-dev] TM Committer Call: meeting minutes

Hi all,
the minutes of the call we had todaz are on
As discussed, I added the information about generating Java Thread Dumps (Hyperlinks will work from the meeting notes):
  • Thread Dump Utility:
    • On UNIX, do kill -SIGQUIT in order to get a thread dump on the console
    • On Windows, use AdaptJ Java StackTrace (click on "Launch StackTrace" on the web page; it's free when launched from the Web. Attach to the program. In the stacktrace, you can copy&paste, or save the trace.

Action Items

  • All Committers:
    • Comment / Grant Review on 194442 default dstore daemon port,
    • Comment / Grant Review on 187301 telnet multiple shells
    • Update New&Noteworthy
  • DaveD: Doc bugs (broken links)
  • DaveM: Check whether mountPathMappers can workaround 193858, comment on the bug about reason and possible workarounds;
    • 194442 change dstore daemon default port
  • Martin: 187301 telnet; create new&notewothy, release notes
  • Javier: Investigate 192610 EFS Issues as mentioned during the meeting, add comments on the bug
Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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