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RE: [dsdp-tm-dev] Terminal View extensions

Dear Olivier,

> I do not see any extension point for adding a Connection Type. In has the "TerminalConnector"
extension point. It's being used by the various* plugins to contribute their kinds
of connections. So I do think you could add a "local" kind
of connection.

> Do you plan to add a simple shell connection type yourself?

Not currently - we have the "Local" command view in RSE. 
At some point, this RSE commandview, the Terminal, and
Wickedshell should be unified to a powerfull local shell.
That's on the wishlist for TM 3.0 -- see

If you'd like to contribute your Terminal connector 
for local, it might make its way into TM at some point.
Just file an enhancement request in bugzilla, and attach 
your contribution (preferredly written without referencing
3rd party code, and licensed under the EPL).

> Is the ability to start Terminal views programmatically on 
> its way in 2.0?

Doesn't seem so right now. If you want it, please vote 
on the bug but it's REALLY late now for 2.0.

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member 

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